About cusvin.com

Cusvin.comproduce and supply oem products based on customer’s requirements under throughout quality control. We are one of leading company of designingandtechnology development along with an information sourcing for an OEM/ODM manufacturing , wholesale andtradingasacore enterprise forsmart phone / tablet /computer peripherals and it’s accessories.

Main Business

▶ Customized product OEM/ODM Manufacturing

▶ Inspection, Quality Control

▶ Sourcing & Marketing

Order Quantity

As we aren’t retailers so can’t supply retail quantity as like hundred pcs.

It is required MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) to manufacture customized products. MOQ is different depends on what kinds of product from 500pcs to 3000pcs.

For the Customized Package, MOQ is 3000pcs.

Shipping Location

Our regular shipping point is Hong Kong or China by sea, air or inland trucking to the World where customer want.


Different by product, quantity and customized requirements.

Estimated delivery based on 3000pcs is 3weeks average.


Contact us for Details !

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